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Cao Bang – the top land of the country is blessed with wonderful and majestic mountains and forests by nature. Not only that, Cao Bang tourism is also a tourist attraction by historical places. That makes Cao Bang always the land chosen by many people to make their tours. However, if you travel to Cao Bang for the first time, you may not help but be confused by the cultural diversity and also choose the sights for yourself. In this article, Dixere.vn will briefly give you necessary information on the trip from Hanoi to Cao Bang.

The perfect time to travel Cao Bang

In Cao Bang, each season has its own beauty. If you have never been here, no matter what season you travel, Cao Bang will bring you new and very special feelings.

hanoi to cao bang

However, Cao Bang attracts tourists the most at two times of the year. For those who want to see the Ban Gioc waterfall pouring season and beautiful blue water will choose the time of August to September every year. November to December is when Cao Bang is also overwhelmed by buckwheat flowers and bright yellow wildflowers.

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hanoi to cao bang

The hot summer can make your trip somewhat tiring. However, traveling to Cao Bang in the summer is not without its own excitement. You can hide the sun in a vast forest, sit and watch the wind and watch the stream, fish jumping. More specifically, summer is also the season when plums are ripe and fragrant throughout the mountains and forests of Cao Bang. You will freely enjoy wild plums and summer fruits in this coastal region.

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Transport from Hanoi to Cao Bang

The distance from Hanoi to Cao Bang is about 300km. You can choose different vehicles such as motorbikes, private cars, buses to move from Hanoi to Cao Bang.

There are many routes, each route takes a different travel time. The road from Hanoi to Cao Bang will take about 6-8 hours to travel.

+ Route 1 (only for cars): about 240km long. From Hanoi city, you follow Ring Road 3, cross Thanh Tri Bridge and continue your journey towards Hanoi – Thai Nguyen expressway to Thai Nguyen city. From here you continue your journey along the direction of NH3, going about 50km to reach Bac Kan province. Then continue the journey in the direction of NH3, passing Bac Kan city with a distance of about 120km to reach the territory of Cao Bang province.

hanoi to cao bang

+ Route 2 (for both cars and motorbikes): about 240km long. From Hanoi, you go in the direction of Nhat Tan Bridge, continue your journey in the direction of NH3 to reach the territory of Cao Bang province.

When traveling, remember to obey the traffic safety laws, stay in the right lane and at the correct speed to avoid penalty errors. You should also explore Hanoi – Cao Bang road in advance to get the best preparation before going.

In addition, if you do not travel by car or motorbike, you can choose a bus to start the journey. There are car companies running from Hanoi to Cao Bang. The price of bus tickets Hanoi – Cao Bang is about 170,000 – 200,000 VND depending on the quality of the bus.

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Limousine Cars Hanoi to Cao Bang

The limousine cars for passengers are the Ford Dcar luxury car, manufactured in 2018. A car has 9 seats, spacious and luxurious. If you rent a private car, you will pick up and drop you off at the point and request of the customer.


+ Hanoi to Cao Bang: 6 am | 7 am | 3.30 pm | 4.30 pm
+ Cao Bang to Hanoi: 6 am | 7 am | 3.30 pm | 4.30 pm

(Note: The above time is departure time, pick up time can be from 30 minutes to 1 hour before or after departure time depending on address)

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Route: Cao Bang – Ngan Son- Bac Can- Thai Nguyen (Dan overpass – Tan Long circle) – Nhat Tan- Vo Chi Cong-Lang- Crossroads (Nguyen Trai-Khuat Duy Tien) -Tay Son- Thai Thinh- Xa Dan – Kim Lien- Giai launch (crossroads) – Tran Khat Tran- Kim Nguu- Minh Khai- Vinh Tuy – Aeon mall Long Bien and shuttle Noi Bai airport

+ Pick up and take guests to Noi Bai airport area.
+ Support taxi or grab out the pick up point in Hanoi.
+ Pick up and drop off guests at home in Cao Bang City
+ Or you can go directly to the parking lot of the garage at 24T1 Hoang Dao Thuy – Cau Giay – Hanoi
+ Drop off guests according to Hoang Dao Thuy point – Crossroads – Kim Lien Hotel – Times City

Pick up and drop off customers within Hanoi city. If there are some points far from the passenger center, you can actively move to the closer pick up areas (for example, in Ha Dong area, you move to Khuat Duy Tien. Linh Dam area guests move to the Hotel) Muong Thanh, Cau Giay area, move to Nguyen Phong Sac….).

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How to book ticket Hanoi to Cao Bang

There are many choices for passengers to move to Cao Bang. However, each form is suitable for different situations. For a quality trip, passengers should consider choosing and booking a travel ticket that is appropriate for their own itinerary and circumstances.

Therefore, to be guaranteed the best interests, you should book Hanoi to Cao Bang tickets through a reputable agent like Dixere.vn on 24/7 hotline 1900575725 – 0989854199. If you have not known the appropriate transportation means from Hanoi to Cao Bang, our operators will assist and advise you for a better experience.

In addition to always enjoying a more preferential price than the genuine price and guaranteed 100% reservation, at Dixere.vn, customers are also provided with full information and images of each option to Cao Bang.

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