Buses from Sapa to Hanoi – What you need to know and further information

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Sapa is located in the Northwest of Vietnam, 33km from Lao Cai city and about 370km from Hanoi. Sapa town is at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level, due to its high terrain and near the tropics, Sapa has a cool climate all year round, especially in winter, the temperature sometimes drops below 0 degrees Celsius. snow. Not only that, this place is also favored for the natural scenery, the attraction of people, culture, customs, etc. Therefore, tourists who come to Sapa are not only domestic but also international. To move from Hanoi to Sapa town, you have many ways such as motorbike, train, passenger car, high quality service car, taxi, etc. In this article, Dixere.vn will share with you information about buses from Sapa to Hanoi.

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Sleeping buses from Sapa to Hanoi

buses from sapa to hanoi

The average time traveling by sleeping buses from Sapa to Hanoi is about 5 hours 30 minutes. During this time, you want to take advantage of a comfortable bed and you can sleep a good night on your itinerary. You can choose a trip with a high quality bed car from Hanoi to Sapa.

The sleeping buses from Sapa to Hanoi are of good quality, clean with a full range of modern amenities such as air conditioning, blankets, LCD screen, free wifi and a bottle of drinking water for each passenger. Each bed in the bus is also completely leather, clean and smooth. There are usually about 34 to 46 seats in the bus, with or without a self-contained toilet in the vehicle.

The biggest advantage of the sleeping buses from Sapa to Hanoi is the reasonable price and there are many trips a day to choose from.

With a reasonable price and the relaxation and comfort brought, a sleeping bus is the most popular choice on the Hanoi – Sapa route. The best bus companies to go to Sapa are: Inter Bus Lines, Fansipan Express, Green Bus, Queen Cafe, Sapa Express, King Express, Sao Viet Bus. A ticket price ranges from 250.000 to 300.000 VND.

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Cabin buses from Sapa to Hanoi

buses from sapa to hanoi

In addition, cabin buses from Sapa to Hanoi have become a luxury means of transportation to Sapa. The cabin buses have just appeared since the beginning of 2018. This is the newest and most luxurious bed car line on Hanoi – Sapa route.

The cabin buses from Sapa to Hanoi is a vehicle in which each bed (cabin) on the car is designed as a miniature hotel, with curtains and dividers separating the cabins, creating a feeling of both airy, comfortable, and private for guests. guest. The cabin of the cabin is very wide and can be completely flat, minimizing back and neck fatigue when lying for a long time. Some Cabin automakers also have an electrically adjustable bed lifting system and a full body massage bed system with 05 modes to help passengers relax comfortably on the journey.

In addition to the usual amenities such as cold towels, drinking water, blankets, wifi, each cabin is also equipped with the most modern amenities such as reading light, USB charging port, 17-inch LCD screen and HD player. With hundreds of HD content available for you to choose from. All help visitors feel like they are in a luxury mobile hotel when traveling to Sapa.

There are 3 different types of cabin buses from Sapa to Hanoi. Such as bus operator: Fansipan Express Single VIP Cabin, Sao Viet’s Hybrid Cabin and Love Forever from Inter Bus Lines. These 3 cabin buses are provided with or without toilets in the buses. 

Limousine cars from Hanoi to Sapa

buses from sapa to hanoi

If you are traveling in a group or family, you want to have the most private and luxurious space. Besides buses from Sapa to Hanoi, you can choose to travel by limousine cars. The 9-seat VIP Limousine is a modified model from the conventional 16-seater, so it usually has luxurious interiors, spacious and comfortable seats. The car is equipped with modern amenities such as: Wifi, USB charging port, 220V power outlet, 21 inch LED screen and high quality sound system.

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In addition, the cars also have cold towels, mineral water and free snacks (depending on the company) for visitors. Limousine companies also have professionally trained staff and drivers with enthusiastic service attitude and good English communication ability.

Especially, Limousine to Sapa is the only car with free pick-up / drop-off assistance in the inner districts of Hanoi and hotels in Sapa town, which is very convenient for tourists.