Taxi Hanoi airport – The foremost important information you should know

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Currently when the need to move people is increasing. Travel on the Hanoi center to Noi Bai airport route has been easier and more economical. Passengers can choose from a variety of public transport such as buses, minibus or new services such as airport taxi sharing. However, taxi Hanoi airport is always the first choice for many people. Join to learn about the experience of booking a cheap, quality Noi Bai airport car in this article!

Taxi Hanoi airport transportation

Taxis are always a convenient and popular means of transportation in all cases. However, the price of a taxi from Noi Bai airport to Hanoi and vice versa is quite expensive. So you need to consider it carefully. All these taxi companies are available 24 hours a day and are available anytime, anywhere at the station. The taxis are arranged to wait for customers on the 1st floor – public area of the station to Terminals T1 and T2.


The average price in the afternoon is in the range of 180,000 – 220,000 VND / way. The afternoon price from Noi Bai to the center of Hanoi is about VND 250,000 – 400,000, depending on the point you want to go to in the city.

At the lobby area after leaving the Noi Bai airport terminal. You will likely receive a lot of offers from drivers with private cars. Because of that, they will take the passenger service to the airport, so the car will be empty in the afternoon. This is considered a more affordable option than regular taxis. However, you should still haggle to get a better price for you.

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Hanoi taxi fare to airport

Taxi 1

A question that most of the customers before using the service are concerned. How much does it cost to book a Hanoi taxi to airport taxi or Hanoi taxi fare. In fact, the cost of each trip depends on the airline. As well as the length of your journey.

For customers in a long distance, of course the cost will be more. In contrast to customers who take a taxi from Noi Bai airport for a shorter distance. The convenient road, of course, the cost will be shorter.

There are many taxi companies that offer an airport shuttle. You can easily find a car to go to the yard after just a few minutes. However, due to the characteristics of the business, there is a large difference between the taxi companies. You should carefully refer to the prices to save effective travel costs.

The suitable timing to book a taxi

Many people think that taxis are a convenient means to book whenever possible. However, if you don’t want to have problems booking an airport taxi. Especially in the afternoon from the airport, it is necessary to prepare in advance.

Taxi 2

Not only does not booking a taxi Hanoi airport in advance make you wait for a long time when you fly. More than that, you will easily encounter the situation of “price pressure”, “price pressure”. It is best to indicate the time and to reserve a taxi. If you forget to book the car, do not worry too much. Because taxi booking has now become more convenient than ever.

With today’s online booking platforms, you only need to contact to book after 10 – 15 minutes to get quick support. It doesn’t take much effort to move, find a car, wait for a car, … But also experience safe and quality service at the most economical listed prices.

Never get on a taxi Hanoi airport while in the road

Although the authorities have made great efforts nowadays, the car accident has never stopped hurting. These types of types make customers frustrated and annoyed with heavenly prices and poor service.

Especially around areas where people are busy moving like Noi Bai. Demand for taxi rental is very high. As a result, the number of parachute taxis is also increasing each day. Such taxis will often deliberately choose long distances. Commuting takes time and most of all, the price is expensive.

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Select quality taxi Hanoi airport

Where should I choose to book an airport car? This is also important to keep in mind to get a cheap Noi Bai trip, because if you unfortunately choose to have a taxi parachute. Then make sure that the taxi fare to the airport will be very high. You should better choose reputable and quality airport services.

To attract a large number of customers as well as keep trustworthiness, the units always provide guaranteed services. With a reasonable service price list as well as owning a team of skilled drivers. Instead of having the thought of “catching a customer once” like many other small taxi units. The rows of vehicles are always looking for the long term. In particular, passengers can find people to share the route to split the fee paid.