Brief guidance for passengers on trip Hanoi to Cat Ba

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Cat Ba is the largest island in Northern Vietnam and dominates the archipelago in Ha Long Bay. There are many beautiful beaches with the spectacular golden sand. Besides, Cat Ba is known for its green resources of primeval forest on limestone mountains that provides great potential for ecotourism. Moreover, the island is preferred for its calm and smooth sea. In general, Cat Ba is a suitable site to relax and swim. If you are planning to travel here, a bus from Hanoi to Cat Ba is a must considered choice. In this article, will give to you the necessary information when you travel from Hanoi to Cat Ba.

Cát Bà

1. How will you travel from Hanoi to Cat Ba

The trip from Hanoi to Cat Ba is about 180km long. Traveling to Cat Ba by limousine cars will provide passengers a comfortable and satisfied experience.

To travel from Hanoi to Cat Ba, cars will go pass Highway 5 and Highway 18.

1.1. Highway 5

From Hanoi, passengers have to get to Hai Phong by 5B highway. Arrive in Hai Phong city center, turn left to reach Chua Ve port. Note that do not go into the center. At Chua Ve junction, the car will turn right for another 10 km to reach Dinh Vu ferry terminal.

Here, the car will board the Got ferry. Passengers will either travel by speedboat or ferry.. Speed train takes 10 minutes and the ferry takes about 25 minutes to arrive at Cai Vieng pier.

Finally, the car will wait at the pier and take you to the center of Cat Ba town. Travel time is about 40 minutes. On the way from Cai Vieng to Cat Ba town, you will comfortably see one of the most beautiful streets in Vietnam. Overwhelmed with one side is the same mountain, the other side is the gentle blue sea, white sand, beautiful yellow sunshine.

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1.2. Highway 18

Follow Highway 18 through Bac Ninh, Hai Duong to Ha Long to catch a ferry at Tuan Chau. Although the route is longer than Highway 5, passengers only take the ferry once. Besides, you can visit many tourist destinations on this road to visit.

Route Hanoi – Ha Long – Tuan Chau Ferry: Depart from the offices of car companies, follow Highway 18 through Bac Ninh, Hai Duong to Ha Long. Move forward to Tuan Chau ferry. From here the ferry will move to Gia Luan wharf on Cat Ba island.

From Gia Luan Wharf, the car will take you to the center of Cat Ba by cross-island road. This road is located in the middle of the primeval forest so there will be many beautiful views.

2. Limousine cars from Hanoi to Cat Ba

hanoi to cat ba

The most luxurious Dcar Limousine will surely make you satisfied. On the car, there are 9 high-quality leather seats, with anti-fatigue armrests. The seats can rotate, lean in many positions and lift and lower as you like. In addition, the chair is also integrated with an automatic massage function to help dispel the feeling of fatigue.

The two sides of the car are designed with many compartments for utensils and drinking cups to be extremely convenient. The entire interior of the car is covered with uniform wood grain, so it looks very nice and creates a feeling. 

Besides, the car is also equipped with 

  • TV
  • Fridge
  • Two-way air conditioner
  • A charging socket next to the seat
  • High speed wifi
  • Sony speakers
  • Curtains imported from Europe are able to resist ultraviolet penetrating
  • A smooth and clean carpet 
  • Spacious luggage compartment

3. Limousine cars schedule

  • From Hanoi to Cat Ba: 
    • Depart at 7:00 and 13:00. 
    • Pick up: passengers can choose their pick-up points
    • Drop off: passengers’ hotels in Cat Ba
  • From Cat Ba to Hanoi:
    • Depart at 7:00 and 13:00
    • Pick up: hotels in Cat Ba 
    • Drop off: passengers can choose their drop-off points 

– Ticket price: top seat 430,000 VND / person; the last row of seats and between 450,000 VND / person

4. 29-seat VIP bus

hanoi to cat ba

The bus has 29 seats, less than normal car seats but provides extensive space. The seats are larger and suitable for even tall passengers. The bus is equipped with wifi, air conditioning is always maintained with the best quality. The car also has a brake system, shock absorber, providing absolute safety for passengers. Each chair has cold towels and free drinking water. Passengers can request if they want to use more. The seats are designed with adjustable tilt buttons. Passengers can choose the most suitable and comfortable position easily and quickly

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5. How to book tickets Hanoi to Cat Ba

There are many choices of time for passengers to move to Cat Ba. However, each time is suitable for different situations. For a quality trip, passengers should consider choosing and booking a travel ticket that is appropriate for their own itinerary and circumstances.

Therefore, to be guaranteed the best interests, you should book Hanoi – Cat Ba tickets through a reputable agent like on 24/7 hotline 1900575725  +84989854199. If you have not known the appropriate transportation means from Hanoi to Cat Ba, our operators will assist and advise you for a better experience.

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