Car rental Hanoi – A new trend in traveling every travelholic should know

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People’s need to travel is increasing, so car rental services are gradually developing. You are planning to rent a car for your upcoming trip? Then read this article that provides, it will help you with useful information about car rental Hanoi.

1. 4-5 seat cars

car rental hanoi

The motto always tries and is committed to meet customers’ needs, we always bring unforgettable experiences to customers. 

As a pioneer in the car rental Hanoi, we had an enthusiastic staff and a team of experienced. trained and carefully selected drivers to provide a safe trip. 

There are many services for renting cars

  • Renting cars for traveling
  • Airport pick-up service.
  • Monthly renting cars service
  • Pick-up cars for parting
  • Car service for wedding

We have variety of 4-5 seat cars for you to choose:

  • Toyota Altis
  • Honda Civic
  • Daewoo Lacetti
  • KIA Forte
  • Daewoo Gentra

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2. Limousine Cars

car rental hanoi

Coming to Adam Viet company, you will experience the quality of service on VIP limousines in business class. The company has many years of operation in the tourism industry, passenger transportation and other high-end services. Customers will certainly be extremely satisfied with the quality and service that the company brings. 

Currently, the company has a wide range of vehicles to serve different needs of customers such as 4-seater, 7-seat car and limousine range from 9 seats to models with over 20 seats. All cars are renovated in a luxurious limousine style. The leather seats are imported from abroad with integrated technology.

The seat and the car are integrated 

  • Massage system
  • Heating system 
  • Seat 180 degrees rotation. 

Basic amenities 

  • Cold towels
  • Water bottles
  • Free wifi

3. Transit cars 16 seats

car rental hanoi

Currently, the need to use 16-seater vehicles during the tourist and festival season is becoming very popular. Famous tourist destinations in the North and North Central region such as Trang An, Bai Dinh pagoda (Ninh Binh), Sapa, Ha Long, Sam Son, Tam Dao, Mai Chau, Ba Vi, Mai Chau are all welcoming a large number of customers every year. Understanding that need, Adam Viet offers car rental Hanoi service. Our drivers are well-trained, friendly and definitely will provide passengers memorable experiences.

Besides, the need to rent cars for business purposes is also popular these days. Dixere has a 16-seat car rental Hanoi service to cities and provinces in the North and North Central region at a price per kilometer. The shortest itinerary is Hanoi to Bac Giang or Vinh Yen with a length of 55 km and the longest up to 350 km for the Hanoi to Mong Cai schedule.

4. Coach for car rental Hanoi

As one of the leading companies in the car rental Hanoi sector, Adam Viet always provides service at the most affordable cost. Besides, quality is the top priority in our business that will be suitable for all types of consumers. With luxury and very methodical service, we have constantly created for itself outstanding factors in terms of personnel, luggage line of equipment, and facilities to serve you. Especially with a team of enthusiastic support staff, along with a team of experienced drivers selected and carefully trained. We always work responsibly and have a high sense of perfectionism. That has helped us become one of the leading companies in Hanoi, specializing in supporting vehicles for foreign corporations, companies, NGOs, and export processing zones (Japan, Korea, …), banks, hotels, travel agencies, professionals, individuals …

5. Why using our car rental Hanoi service

5.1. High quality service

Our vehicle system receives periodic maintenance attention to help passengers have the best ride experience. In addition, also avoid technical risks from the vehicle. In addition, a team of experienced drivers also contribute to making the trip more comfortable. Passengers can absolutely enjoy the ride without any worries. 

5.2. The customer is signed a clear car rental Hanoi contract

Before using our car rental Hanoi service, customers will be signed a car rental contract with clear terms. The contract will be agreed by both parties. We only provide the service when the customer has completely agreed to the terms of the contract.

5.3. Commitment to quality and service

New quality car, periodically checked and warranted. Inside the car is equipped with modern air-conditioning, smooth operation, standard brakes.

Driver team is well-trained and has long-term professional driving experience. Driving with practical experience, handling situations in the car quickly. The driver team is dynamic, enthusiastic, and amiable. And colony road topography.

Complete car service. The car is at the meeting point on time. Right position that the customer has appointed in advance. Pick up passengers according to the itinerary. The ride is smooth and does not cause fatigue.

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6. Contact us to rent your cars

To be guaranteed the best interests, you should use service of a reputable agent like Our line works on 24/7. hotline 1900575725  +84989854199. If you need advice for the means of transportation, our operators will assist and advise you for a better experience.

In addition to always enjoying a more preferential price than the genuine price and guaranteed 100% reservation, at, customers are also provided with full information and images of each option.

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