The most common most of transportation for trip from Hanoi to Sam Son

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Sam Son is a long coastline of Thanh Hoa province with beautiful natural landscape. This place has become the ideal destination for millions of tourists every year, especially in the summer. Leaving crowded, smoky and hot Hanoi to come to the blue sea, white sand, cool breeze is something that everyone feels interested in. However, before planning your trip, one of the things you most often wonder about is how many kilometers from Hanoi to Sam Son, how long does it take to get from Hanoi to Sam Son and what means of transportation are there?

Bien Sam Son

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How long is Sam Son away from Hanoi?

Sam Son is about 180km from Hanoi, not too far away. The road after being rebuilt and maintained, it is easier and convenient to go from Hanoi to Sam Son.

From Hanoi to Sam Son, there are two routes for you to choose, that are 

  • Hanoi Highway – 01 Ninh Binh Highway – National Route 10
  • Phap Van Highway – Cau Gie – Ninh Binh – National Route 10.

Means of transportation from Hanoi to Sam Son

Sam Son – a beautiful sea town of Thanh Hoa is an attractive tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. When tourists come here, not only can they enjoy the poetic and fresh sea scenery, but also can they enjoy many regional specialties and discover many unique indigenous cultural values with gentle and friendly people. If you are looking for the safe and enjoyable means of transportation for your journey Hanoi to Sam Son, please refer to our below suggestions. 

1. Limousine Cars

hanoi to sam son

Surely the trendy limousine line is no stranger to you anymore. Because of the benefits that limousines bring, more and more customers prefer and use this kind of transportation. 

Adam Viet specializes in providing VIP Limousine Hanoi to Sam Son with 10-seat limousine cars. With the Limousine VIP system, it will definitely give you the most comfort during your journey.

Autokingdom Limousine

Decorated space in the car as a private room for passengers, luxurious amenities. The ceiling of the car is fitted with enough light. All genuine leather seats, luxurious, designed like business class seats on the plane.

Especially, electric chair with leg support and integrated massage function when you need to relax. In addition, the wifi system, USB charging ports are attached to each seating position. In the car, there are also extremely vivid speakers, flat screen TV to meet the absolute needs of customers.

Some noteable information of limousine cars service

*VIP limousine schedule

+ Hanoi => Thanh Hoa:

Departure time: 6:00 | 8:00 | 10:00 | 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00 | 18:00 | 20:00 | 21:00.

Pick up and drop off point in Hanoi:

– Pick up and drop off at home in Hanoi city.

– Hanoi suburb welcomes more North Thang Long Industrial Park

– Bau Market – Gia Lam Bus Station

– Big C Long Bien Hypermarket

– Yen Nghia bus station and along the route.

+ Thanh Hoa => Hanoi:

Departure time: 3:00 | 4:00 | 6:00 | 8:00 | 10:00 | 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00 | 18:00.

Pick up and drop off point in Thanh Hoa:

– Thuong Xuan District: Cua Dat + Thuong Xuan town. – Tho Xuan district: Lam Kinh urban area – Muc Son crossroad – Sugar Factory – Sao Vang Market – Sao Vang Airport – Tho Xuan Town – Bai Thuong Street.

– Trieu Son district: Pick up at all communes in Trieu Son district.

– Nhu Thanh district: Pick up at the center of Can Khe commune.

– Thanh Hoa City: Pick up and drop off at home in the city.

– Sam Son Area: Pick up and drop off guests at the hotel upon request.

2. Train

For those who like to travel by train, you can combine this vehicle and Thanh Hoa provincial bus. From Hanoi, you can take Thong Nhat train or local train to Vinh, Da Nang to stop in Thanh Hoa, travel time from Hanoi is about 3 hours. From Saigon, only Thong Nhat train passes through Thanh Hoa, traveling time is more than 1 day.


After arriving at Thanh Hoa station, if you want to go fast and proactively you can rent a taxi from the station straight to your hotel, the distance of 18km, the taxi price will only be about 200k+. If not, you can take bus route 01, which runs from Thanh Hoa station and stops at Sam Son.

Train name Time duration Departure time Departure station Arrival station
SE7 3 hours 25 minutes 6:00 PM Hanoi Thanh Hoa
SE11 3 hours 21 minutes 8:00 PM Hanoi Thanh Hoa
SE5 3 hours 31 minutes 21:00 Hanoi Thanh Hoa
SE35 4 hours 5 minutes 13:10 Hanoi Thanh Hoa
SE9 3 hours 57 minutes 14:30 Hanoi Thanh Hoa
SE3 3 hours 22 minutes 19:30 Hanoi Thanh Hoa
SE19 3 hours 21 minutes 20:10 Hanoi Thanh Hoa
SE17 3 hours 16 minutes 20:45 Hanoi Thanh Hoa
SE1 3 hours 5 minutes 22:20 Hanoi Thanh Hoa
NA1 4 hours and 6 minutes 22:45 Hanoi Thanh Hoa

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There are many choices for passengers to move to Sam Son. However, each form is suitable for different situations. For a quality trip, passengers should consider choosing and booking a travel ticket that is appropriate for their own itinerary and circumstances.

Therefore, to be guaranteed the best interests, you should book Hanoi – Sam Son tickets through a reputable agent like on 24/7 hotline 1900575725+84989854199. If you have not known the appropriate transportation means from Hanoi to Sam Son, our operators will assist and advise you for a better experience. 

In addition to always enjoying a more preferential price than the genuine price and guaranteed 100% reservation, at, customers are also provided with full information and images of each option to Sam Son.

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