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  • 09/04/2021

    How to get to Cat Ba Island from Hanoi? Answers and Guidance

    Chia sẻ bởi: Phúc Nguyễn

    How to get to Cat Ba Island from Hanoi? Transportation to Cat Ba? Questions are asked of everyone when planning to travel to Cat Ba. In this article, Dixere.vn will share the best travel experiences from Cat Ba to you audience. You can go sandblasting by motorbike or by car. Or you choose an affordable car that is more convenient and safe than a motorbike. Direction from Hai Phong to Cat Ba From Ha Phong to Cat Ba, you...

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  • 08/04/2021

    Why does traveling by private car Hanoi to Sapa is a must-try trend?

    Chia sẻ bởi: Phúc Nguyễn

    Sapa, one of the famous tourist sites that are well-known to many travelers. This town has its own beauty each time of the year. Sapa of September is filled with the smell and scene of the ripe rice paddle field. Coming to December, this town has bold characteristics of the cold mountains that no other places are the same. Travel by private car Hanoi to Sapa has become a popular trend in Vietnam. In this article, Dixere.vn will inform...

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  • 08/04/2021

    Travel by private car Hanoi to Ninh Binh – Why you should try

    Chia sẻ bởi: Phúc Nguyễn

    Ninh Binh is a famous province with many beautiful landscapes and historical relics. Hoa Lu ancient capital – the first capital of the feudal state of Vietnam or Trang An, Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Van Long. Besides, with many beautiful ecotourism areas: Bai Dinh pagoda and Cuc Phuong National Park. All these places have created a beautiful and extremely attractive Ninh Binh in the hearts of visitors. Recently, traveling by private car Hanoi to Ninh Binh has become...

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  • 31/03/2021

    Car rental Hanoi – A new trend in traveling every travelholic should know

    Chia sẻ bởi: Phúc Nguyễn

    People’s need to travel is increasing, so car rental services are gradually developing. You are planning to rent a car for your upcoming trip? Then read this article that Dixere.vn provides, it will help you with useful information about car rental Hanoi. 1. 4-5 seat cars The motto always tries and is committed to meet customers’ needs, we always bring unforgettable experiences to customers.  As a pioneer in the car rental Hanoi, we had an enthusiastic staff and a...

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  • 31/03/2021

    Brief guidance for passengers on trip Hanoi to Cat Ba

    Chia sẻ bởi: Phúc Nguyễn

    Cat Ba is the largest island in Northern Vietnam and dominates the archipelago in Ha Long Bay. There are many beautiful beaches with the spectacular golden sand. Besides, Cat Ba is known for its green resources of primeval forest on limestone mountains that provides great potential for ecotourism. Moreover, the island is preferred for its calm and smooth sea. In general, Cat Ba is a suitable site to relax and swim. If you are planning to travel here, a...

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  • 05/11/2020

    Hanoi to Hai Phong – Limousine cars service and Express Delivery

    Chia sẻ bởi: Phúc Nguyễn

    Hai Phong, a famous coastal city in northern Vietnam. This city is known as “The city of red phoenix flowers” because every summer, the city is immersed in the red color of phoenix flowers. In addition, Hai Phong is famous for many tourist sites such as seaports and beaches. Hai Phong is about 120km away from Hanoi. Although Hanoi and Hai Phong both have airports, with this short travel distance, motorbikes, coaches, cars or train are the most reasonable...

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  • 26/10/2020

    Cua Lo – A famous tourist site to travel from Hanoi to Cua Lo

    Chia sẻ bởi: Phúc Nguyễn

    Cua Lo, Nghe An is one of the most popular beach in northern Vietnam. Thanks to the long flat coast, smooth and clean sand, Cua Lo beach has long been rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in North Central Vietnam. It attracts tourists not only by the beautiful beach, but also the tourism related services and local seafood affordable prices. In this article, Dixere.vn will provide information of traveling in Cua Lo. More details, we will give...

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  • 25/10/2020

    Travel from Sai Gon to Mui Ne – Useful information for tourists

    Chia sẻ bởi: Phúc Nguyễn

    Mui Ne, a tourist site in Phan Thiet, reminds us the beaches with sunlight sand and surprisingly cheap seafood. Besides the gifts from the nature, Mui Ne attracts massive number of tourists for other aspects and specialties.  If you are planning a long trip to Mui Ne, you will not regret. There are enough reasons to stay here for more days. In this article, Dixere.vn will briefly guide you to travel in Mui Ne, especially inform you of limousine...

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  • 12/10/2020

    What tourists need to know when travel from Hanoi to Moc Chau

    Chia sẻ bởi: Phúc Nguyễn

    Moc Chau, the Northwestern Da Lat, a famous place for traveling in Vietnam. In the summer or winter, a foggy day or a sunny day spreading on the mountain and the forest makes visitors speechless of Moc Chau’s natural beauty. In this article, Dixere.vn will share with you some information about traveling Moc Chau and mode of transportation from Hanoi to Moc Chau. ABOUT MOC CHAU TOURISM Moc Chau Tourism is famous for the white rapeseed flowers, the blooming...

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  • 11/10/2020

    Traveling from Hanoi to Mai Chau and the transportation

    Chia sẻ bởi: Phúc Nguyễn

    Mai Chau is a beautiful valley, surprising visitors. Not only captivates visitors with the rustic beauty of the mountains and forests, the shy beauty of the mountain girls, but also attracts visitors with the warm hearts of the people here. Coming to Mai Chau valley, you will have a trip to discover the beauty, culture and cuisine of Mai Chau. In this article, Dixere.vn will share with you information for traveling from Hanoi to Mai Chau.  ⇒ See more:...

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  • 11/10/2020

    Traveling from Hanoi to Ha Giang – When and How to visit?

    Chia sẻ bởi: Phúc Nguyễn

    Ha Giang is known for the majestic landscapes, terraced rice fields and buckwheat flowers covering the hills with purple surface. Moreover, the ethnic cultural identity of the highlands region is also the aspect that attracts tourists from everywhere to Ha Giang. As a result, trips from Hanoi to Ha Giang are increasing day by day. In this article, Dixere.vn will share to you some must-know information for traveling to Ha Giang.  THE BEST TIME TO TRAVEL FROM HANOI TO...

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  • 06/10/2020

    The most common most of transportation for trip from Hanoi to Sam Son

    Chia sẻ bởi: Phúc Nguyễn

    Sam Son is a long coastline of Thanh Hoa province with beautiful natural landscape. This place has become the ideal destination for millions of tourists every year, especially in the summer. Leaving crowded, smoky and hot Hanoi to come to the blue sea, white sand, cool breeze is something that everyone feels interested in. However, before planning your trip, one of the things you most often wonder about is how many kilometers from Hanoi to Sam Son, how long...

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